A Minecraft Template

Download v1.02 - 09JUL12 (ZIP)

MC Generic is a HTML5/CSS3 template that looks great for any Minecraft themed website. It is provided Free of Charge by D3X Solutions under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later (GNU GPL 2).

This is only the first release, so expect more amazing features down the line.

Known Bugs/Quirks List

([X] Indicates fixed since last version)

[-] Article Content approximately 45px down from where I want it aesthetically. This is due to the :before property, the main journal background will overlap. There is a rough fix if one adds extra wrappers inside the article and negatively push the text up.

[ ] Large images inside the article content area may leak into the sidebar and beyond. Will fix as much as possible in next release.

Upcoming Features

[X] Better CSS Buttons
[X] Improved Sidebar elements (lists, menus, etc)
[X] IE6 Support
[ ] Full Page Layout
[ ] Responsive Design (for cell phones to use)
[ ] Script for finding server status (online or offline)
[ ] Style #2: Fantasy
[ ] WordPress

Block Quote

The problem with posting quotes online is that you can never be sure who wrote them
-Abraham Lincoln

Sample Text

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Example Blog Post Title

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Ducks Chickens Birds
Medium Small Varies
Water Farm Varies
Quack Cluck Caw

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